Rajnagar Extn: Residents perturbed with digging of road without prior notice

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 03, 2019

More than 500 families residing in SC Grand and Raj Empire, high rises in Raj Nagar Extension, are perturbed with the sudden start of digging up of road without any notification from Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). Residents claimed that they are facing a lot of inconvenience with the digging work going on the road.

“They could have informed us or provided an alternative route prior to this construction work,” said Prashant Kumar, a resident of Raj Empire.

GDA has dug up the road going towards these two societies blocking the access of vehicles. “Since Saturday, we are seeing this digging work. It's nuisance for us as we cannot commute via this road,” said Kumar.

Due to ongoing work, the residents are forced to take an internal road of neighbouring Morti village for commuting. 

The residents alleged that the internal road is quite narrow and they are facing a lot of difficulties while passing through it. “School buses can't come via that route. Children have to cover a long distance on foot to reach the main road to avail the bus services,” said Meeta Kumari, a resident of SG Grand.

On top of it, commuters are having bumpy ride as the internal road is full of potholes. Traffic jams is also affecting their schedules.

“The road is barely 200 meters long. It takes me 20 minutes to pass through the road during the morning hours. Traffic gets stuck during peak hours as most people take this route,” Kumar said.

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