'70 pc' residents across Noida make efforts towards source segregation of waste

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 03, 2019

Willing to practice segregation as a viable long-term solution for waste management in the city, residents across Noida on Monday took part in source segregation activity before dumping it. The participation was beyond expectation. However, a few encountered problems in segregation at the household level.

"We are getting an overwhelming response from the public. Residents of twenty sectors, as part of the awareness drive, are making efforts to segregate dry and wet waste," said SC Mishra, senior manager with Noida Authority.

While residents were excited and the authority concerned ensured more such awareness drives to inculcate a habit in people that they separate dry and wet waste before it is collected, waste disposal remains a problem area in the 20 sectors chosen for this drive.

During the drive, 20-25 per cent people did not segregate the waste at all. However, 60-70 per cent citizens provided full support but seemed to be confused about certain waste products and mixed them.

The agency responsible for door-to-door waste collection also collected un-segregated waste.

Talking to City Spidey about the drive, resident of Sector 20 Manish Bhati said, "We segregated the waste but the worker just chucked all the waste together in one single bin. Our work just got wasted!"

“If they will just dump it all together, what is the point of segregating it?” he questioned fumingly.

While Saksham Bakshi, resident of Sector 44 lauded the initiative and efforts made by the welfare association.

"The awareness drive conducted by the RWA was very helpful. We were able to separate our household waste and have even decided to utilise the wet waste to make manure.”

"The road to being fully compliant with segregation is long and requires continuous efforts. Well, a significant difference is expected to be visible in 8-10 days," one of the officials of the authority concluded.

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