Supertech capetown: Noida Authority asks builder to clear parking on green area

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 04, 2019

The town planning cell of Noida Authority asked the developer of Supertech Capetown, a residential high rise in Sector 74, to clear the green cover, which was illegally turned into car parking lot and were allegedly sold to residents.

The notice was served on July 3 to the developer ordering to initiate action and make the green cover as per originally approved building map. The notice says that it should be ensured by the developer that green cover and car parking lots are as per the approved map only. 

The Authority convened rounds of meeting and site inspections with residents and officials from the developer's office in June this year. It found major violation of approved building map.  

Residents had also complained that the developer allowed commercial activities at open spaces besides the swimming pools in club house-2 of the society. 

A cape cafe is being run from there. The cell asked the developer to shut this commercial activity and ensure that it takes place only in those areas which are approved for it.

Besides this, the town planning cell also issued notice to its Jal-1, another cell for water supply, to ensure that residents of the society get sufficient supply of mixed water. 

Residents of the society had also raised the issue of electricity supply before the higher authority. They said that they had got connection for supply of 15,000 KVA power. But they are receiving supply of only 600 KVA, which is not sufficient to meet the consumption demand in the society.

The executive engineer with power distribution company in Noida, which is PVVNL, has been asked to ensure solution to the problem raised by residents. They have been told to submit report of supply to the Authority within stipulated period of three days.

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