Amarapali Zodiac residents complain against broken footpath built recently

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 05, 2019

Residents of Amarapali Zodiac, a high rise residential society in Sector 120, Noida, complained against a stretch of broken footpath which was built recently. 

They alleged that the path made of brick-blocks was eroded while mechanised cleaning of drain was passing along the footpaths in Sector 120. The sludge taken out from the drain were first put on footpath. Few days later, officials came to lift them. Though, it was mechanised cleaning, several brick-blocks got damaged during lifting of the sludge. 

Mohan Yadav, a pedestrian complained that the footpath was built recently for their convenience. But it got broken in short time. He said that cleaning staffs lifted the sludge carelessly due to which it got damaged. 

The path is broken before Zodiac Market in Sector 120, which causes inconvenience to residents visiting the market for shopping. 

Considering this, Kundan Maharaj, a resident took the issue with Noida Authority. Posting four photos of the damaged footpaths on twitter handles of Noida Authority and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he complained the path was broken during lifting of sludge. 

He urged officials of the competent authority to look in to the matter to get it repaired.

Though, he brought the issue into notice of higher authority via social media for paying attention to the problem but his complaint fell on deaf ears. He retweeted complaining that forget about the solving the problem, the authority officials don't bother even to respond the complaints. 

Further, he tagged it to Noida MLA Pankaj Singh seeking his intervention for solving the problems. He said that complain should be looked into as the Noida Authority is not bothered to respond on it.  

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