Noida: Guest gets into scuffle with guards at Jaypee Wish Town

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 07, 2019

A guest got into a scuffle with on-duty guards on Friday at Pavilion court in Jaypee Wish Town which is a residential society in Sector 128 at Noida.  

It all began when the guest started smoking cigarette at the gate of the society. The guards told him to step aside as smoke was affecting nearby people. 

It hurted the ego of the guest and he became aggressive against the guard. While abusing the on-duty guards, he lost his temper and attacked them. 
The guards defended themselves by taking out a bamboo stick. By this time, the guest’s friend, who lived inside the society, reached the scene and intervened in the matter. He took his friend away from the spot.

An eyewitness told that the situation was controlled only when the guest’s friend arrived at the scene. 

H K Verma, Vice-president of the society told some bachelors have been residing in the society and guests visit them frequently. They do not obey to the rules and regulations set by the society for staying here.

Residents complained that this is not the first time when such kind of incident came into light. Guests of these bachelors have been creating nuisance frequently. 

Anil Goplani, security in-charge of the society told that whenever they visit the society, they create some problems. If they are stopped from doing this, they become offensive against on-duty guards. They also show political influence and muscle power against those who oppose it. 

He informed that the matter is being discussed at the society management level, which will now decide future course of action against these kind of nuisance being created in the society. It is not good for residents who want to live a peaceful life.

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