NEFOWA embarks on widespread plantation drive at GreNo West
NEFOWA embarks on widespread plantation drive at GreNo West
Praveen Dwivedi
NEFOWA embarks on widespread plantation drive at GreNo West
Photo: City Spidey

NEFOWA embarks on widespread plantation drive at GreNo West

After the onset of monsoon with light showers a couple of days back, residents of Greater Noida West have joined hands to initiate plantation drive in the area. 

Although the Greater Noida area is known as a location which is full of greenery, its Greater Noida West area is devoid of greenery and looks like a concrete jungle.

Several residents from different societies in the area came out with their families and children to contribute to the plantation drive initiated by Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA). 

The drive was carried out with an objective to increase green cover in the area.

With collective efforts of the residents, a target to plant as many as 16,000 saplings in several phases was set. 

The first phase phase of the drive began on Sunday (July 7). More than 1,500 saplings of Neem, Gulmohar, Amaltas, Bel, Peepal, Seesham, Kadamb and Pilkhan etc. were planted at different locations.

The best part this drive was individuals and families taking up the responsibility not only to plant saplings but added these sapling with their life memories for the future. 

Manish Kumar, a resident of Arihant Arden said, “Generally, people know Greater Noida for its greenery and it is a fact as well. However, the picture of the area of Greater Noida West where number of highrises are located is quite different from Alfa, Beta and Gama which are full of greenery.”

Further, residents also raised questions on greenery in their area, alleging that almost all the areas inside or the outside the societies have been concretised by developers leaving lesser place for greenery. 

“Plants within the societies are decorative plants for adding beauty. Therefore, we the residents have decided to plants sapling of such as Neem, Amaltas, Bel, Peepal, Pilkhan etc,” Kumar added.

Residents chose to plant saplings outside premises and near the services roads of the societies. They gave a tag with name of individual or the families on saplings they planted.

Now the question is that who will protect these saplings? As informed, the residents themselves have taken responsibility to keep eyes on saplings they have planted. However, they believe that tree guards would be necessary to save these plants otherwise there is no meaning of doing efforts.

As City Spidey was informed, the horticulture department of the Greater Noida Authority had earlier assured NEFOWA that it would provide around 12,500 tree guards, however, it is yet to provide them. 

“We have requested the authority to provide tree guards and were assured for the same, however, we did not receive it so far,” said Viaksh Kumar, a resident of Panchsheel Greens.

"We have been actively doing plantation in last couple of years. We are doing it for making a better place to live for our children. As the area is full of dust, it is making our lives difficult. It's an initiative where residents from all societies have contributed and we are sure that we will achieve our objective of making the area green,” said Abhishek Kumar, President of NEFOWA.