GB Nagar: ‘Say No To Plastic’ campaign gains momentum with activities galore
GB Nagar: ‘Say No To Plastic’ campaign gains momentum with activities galore
Praveen Dwivedi
GB Nagar: ‘Say No To Plastic’ campaign gains momentum with activities galore
Photo: City Spidey

GB Nagar: ‘Say No To Plastic’ campaign gains momentum with activities galore

A campaign called ‘Say No To Plastic’ has become talk of the town in Noida and Greater Noida. People are discussing the positive impact of reducing the use of plastic. They are also mobilising others to make it a success. 

The volunteers are also making all sorts of efforts to bring authorities on board for dissuading the use of plastic in the cities.

This initiative was launched by a group of residents in Gaur City, a residential town located in Greater Noida West. Moving ahead with their initiative they have been working from couple of weeks back. They have extended their reach from societies to the nearby markets.

Slogans, banners, posters have been a traditional way to have attention of the people. The group has now added another way ‘Nukkad Natak’ to have more attention of the people.

Children have been equally participating in the campaign and while marching with banners on their hands children are making an appeal to the citizen to avoid use of plastic. 

A march of children on Saturday evening reached out to nearby markets like City Plaza and Galaxy Plaza. The march was followed by ‘Nukkad Natak’ by a group of children. 

Staging their play before the hundreds of spectators at the market places, children tried to give a message on use of plastic and its affect in the life.

Amit Sharma, a resident of Gaur City, one of the members of campaign, said, “We are doing this thinking to do something for our societies instead of thinking how will it make an impact. People are much aware with good and bad sides of use of plastic. We are trying to set a platform where more and more people join hands and a collective effort can be initiated. We are hopeful that changes will come, if not now but later on.”

A similar campaign was initiated by Noida Authority on July 4 in a bid to raise awareness about the impact of plastic and encourage the use of eco-friendly alternatives. 

While, launching its campaign, the Noida Authority had also said it would provide cloth bags to vegetable and fruit vendors to encourage them to refrain from using polythene bags. However, these cloth bags would not be free of cost.

A senior official supervising the Noida Authority’s campaign ‘Say No To Plastic’ informed that this campaign to be run simultaneously in different residential colonies and market places. 

“The main purpose is to make this drive a people’s initiative wherein the public will be encouraged to switch over to cloth bags and completely do away with plastic bags when they go to markets for purchasing groceries. This will reduce the plastic waste and will be good for the city’s long-term environmental well-being,” official said.