SCC Heights: AOA election held amid day-long chaos including recounting of votes

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 08, 2019

Amidst the allegations of rigging and a couple of acts of violence, SCC Heights, a high rise in Raj Nagar Extension, conducted its annual AOA election on Sunday. While the votes were recounted due to allegations rigging, a scuffle happened between Anandveer Singh, president-elect and Manish Sharma, a member who contested for the post of secretary.

Following the scuffle, police was called on the spot. After the intervention of cops, Sharma went to police station and registered complaint against Singh.

However, the recounting of votes continued and the results were declared late in the night. The recounting of votes happened after Singh challenged the verdict which came after earlier counting of votes by the election committee. 

In the earlier verdict, Singh, who ran for the post of president, had lost to his fellow contestant Subodh Rathi, by 8 votes. Surprisingly, he came out as a winner by 2 votes after the votes were recounted.

“There was a difference of 10 votes after the recounting. It is not a small number. I was sure of rigging that's why I challenged the previous verdict,” alleged Singh. 

Singh and his group claimed that they got suspicious when they found difference of 5 votes during a cross checking of votes casted on the post of secretary in the earlier counting.

“We found this anomaly when my vote count was cross checked,” claimed Kunal Kapoor, secretary-elect of the new board.

However, members of the election committee refuted this claim. When asked about difference of votes in recounting, the committee said that the vote share of two ballot papers were miscounted which led to this confusion. “We rectified it during the recounting,” a member of the committee said.

The election was fought on seven seats between two teams comprising of seven members each. While the first team was headed by Rathi who had held a post of joint secretary in previous AOA body, the other team led by Singh who had seven new faces. 

After first round of counting, two members from Rathi's team including him, got chosen to the board. However, after Singh raised the objection and recounting happened, the luck turned around in Singh's favour and six of his team members were elected to board in comparison to just one from Rathi's team.

Surprisingly, Rathi and team refused to participate in recounting process. The team disappeared for a long time after the previous results were announced. They only appeared after repeated calls were made by Singh and his team to form an agreement for the recounting. However, after a lot of discussion and constant reluctance from other team, team Singh went ahead with the recounting. 

Ideally, the votes casted through ballot papers are counted by members of election committee under presence of one representative, each from the groups fighting elections. The same process is followed in recounting as well.

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