GreNo West: Burglary reported from flat at Eros Sampoornam

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 08, 2019

A burglary was reported from a flat in Eros Sampoornam, a high rise in Greater Noida West, on Sunday night. As per the information, flat owner has two flats in the same society in two different towers.

The owner was living in his flat number 502 with his family while flat number 402, where the family had shifted some belongings, was reserved for guests. The theft happened at flat number 402. 

The flat owner, Bhullar Singh, in his complaint to the local police claimed on Monday morning that he noticed that gate of his flat was open and when he entered into the flat, he found refrigerator was open and other things were also scattered. 

He further claimed that gold jewelleries (two gold earrings and one gold pendant) and Rs 3,000 cash were missing from the flat.

City Spidey was informed that the family was planning to shift in the flat (402) and waiting for ongoing finishing works. 

“The flat has wooden gate and not iron gate. Though the family was living in their other flat but they used to visit this flat frequently and they were supposed to shift soon,” said a resident in the society.

After the incident, residents have raised questions on the security system of the society. Residents alleged that the security system in their society is poor and they have been raising the issue frequently. 

“Security guards deployed at the main gate not even inquire about the visitors. Similarly, security guards deployed at the particular tower would often be absent from the place,” said Shyam Thakur, a resident of the society.

A senior police official told City Spidey that, police personnel have visited the spot and have received a written complaint from the flat owner and investigating the matter. 

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