Grihapravesh: Residents raise issue of defunct streetlights to Noida Authority

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 08, 2019

Residents living at Grihapravesh society, a residential high rise in Sector 77, Noida, complained about defunct street lights in the vicinity. They said that despite rise in the cases of chain snatching and car thefts, no one is paying heed to the problem.

They complained that the said stretch remains dark throughout the night causing great inconvenience to the pedestrians.

Anchall Bohra, a resident took the issue with Noida Authority urging them to take action for improving the defunct street lights. While sharing picture of dark stretch, he informed the Authority that many poles have been put up but LED lights are yet to be installed. Due to this, main road remains dark in the night. 

When City Spidey contacted Salil Yadav, Senior Engineer with electric cell of Noida Authority, he told that the issue has been noted and correcting steps will be taken.

The Authority has outsourced the maintenance of street lights to a private agency which takes care of solving the problems. 

An official from the agency admitted that these were defunct due to technical fault in the electric supply line. But it has been repaired and the light will be on during the night. 

He said that they have not got the order for installing LED bulbs in the remaining poles which are ten in number. But the issue will be communicated to the higher authority for fixing them as well.

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