Dwarka: In rainy season, visitors live dangerously with naked wires at parks

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 09, 2019

Visitors are living dangerously with naked wires lying on the ground, open junctions and fuse boxes at parks in Dwarka. As the rainy season started, they have become a potential threat to the people. Especially children are vulnerable to electrocution while playing at these parks.

Be it DDA parks or the parks of the municipal corporation, all are facing this problem. Visitors said that they fear to walk after the rains in these parks.

While visiting the neighbourhood parks in the area, you would see naked wires lying on grasses or bushes at corners near the electric panel or junction. On top of it, these wires are difficult to spot. It can prove really dangerous during rains.

Incidents of electrocution have happened with some of the visitors and pets while they were roaming in the park. Although they were not seriously injured, yet the incidents instilled a sense of fear among visitors.  

A resident of Sector 6, Rajender Singh said that a boy got injured after electric shock at the park after being exposed to hidden naked wire in the bushes last year. “Though he didn't get a serious injury but it could have been serious. Authorities should look into the matter and ensure that there is no such wire or box or open junction in parks,” he said.

Community people said that there are many such parks where such open boxes and naked wires have been in same state for more than a year. 

A resident of Harsukh Apartments, Sector 7, Ravi Jaitely said, “I have been watching the neighbourhood park of Sector 7 where box or junction or wires which was open last year is still in the same state. You can make out how serious the authorities are. Such things must be taken seriously so that any mishappenings could be avoided.”

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