City Spidey Impact: Supertech Capetown residents get clean drain, repaired walls

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 10, 2019

Residents of Supertech Capetown, a society in sector 74, took a breath of relief after the works of clearing blocked primary drain and repair works of the damaged walls were under progress on Wednesday.

The Noida Authority deployed a backhoe to began the clearing works on the drain outside the residential area began on Monday. The development comes within a week after City Spidey highlighted the issue of chocked drain outside the residency and wall plaster being falling off in different reportage.

Following such scenarios the residents were forced to live under threat as the surroundings were not up to the safety standards for any any individual living in its vicinity. 

Vinod Kumar Gupta, a resident who had filed a complained for the drain had alleged that the developer of the society was not allowing removal of the slabs over the chocked drain. He had demanded for a clean drain as the monsoon have already knocked the doors of the city.

Like Gupta, there were several other residents who expressed their concern after wall plasters fall off on several occassions. 
Shailendra Baranwal, one of the resident of the society, extended his greetings to the Noida Development Authority and added, "after several complaints to the builder, he finally initiated repair works for the damaged walls."

Earlier, the residents had filed a complaint with the Noida Development Authority against the builder regarding the blocked drain outside the residential area. Later in the week, a big chunk of plaster fell down from the second floor balcony of one of the towers of the residency.

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