Dwarka: Damaged roads in front of societies irk residents of Sector 3

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 10, 2019

Residents of Sector 3, Dwarka have been facing a tough time due to bad condition of roads outside their society’s premises. The issue is being faced on internal roads for societies like Kairali apartments, Balaji apartments, Air India apartments, Welcome apartments, Gauri Ganesh apartments etc. Residents said that the road from the signal of Sector 3/13 towards Gauri Ganesh apartments and Balaji Apartments has been in damaged state for last one year. Big potholes on the roads make it difficult to commute. People also said that due to imbalanced surface on roads many times there is a chance of accident. 

Today when CitySpidey visited the damaged stretch it was found that someone tried to fill the potholes with garbage so that the depth of the potholes could be reduced. But due to the material dumped, during rains the situation would worsen and there would be more dangerous slippery surface on the road. JC Malhotra a senior citizen from Welcome Cooperative Group Housing Society said, “We have informed the subject and its seriousness to the area MLA, Councillor and the officials of the civic agencies. But since last monsoon no work has been done. We are suffering and a senior citizen like me is always has a feeling of danger using the road.”

Residents said that people from societies take initiative sometimes and they manage potholes by temporarily filling them with construction debris. They also said that such a solution was not sufficient and the concerned agency must act soon on the matter. SP Jain, a resident of Welcome Group CGHS said, “Now the rainy season is on and we are in fear that it would turn worse. This road is a busy road and it should be taken on priority. Authorities should repair it as soon as possible. They can even repair it temporarily by filling up the potholes.”

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