Auto driver's heroic act saves life of bullet-hit Dwarka woman

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 11, 2019

An auto-rickshaw driver, Bhoril Sahni, who belongs to Madhubani in Bihar, had a frightening experience on Thursday morning. Just like any other day, he was doing his duty when he heard sound of bullets while passing by a roundabout near Sector 13 in Dwarka.

Suddenly Sahni saw a car coming in uncontrolled manner towards his auto-rickshaw. He somehow managed to escape the collision. The car then crashed on the footpath. He rushed to the car finding a lady in pool of blood.

Someone had fired bullets on her neck. As she was bleeding profusely, Sahni tried to grab her attention by shouting, “Madam Madam!”. The lady opened her eyes and again became unconscious. 

As soon as he understood the situation, he decided to help this lady and make all possible endeavour to save her life. 

In quick succession, Sahni started asking people to help him in rescuing the lady from the car. He took the lady into his auto-rickshaw and pushed off towards nearby Venkateshwar Hospital. 

The lady was still alive when she reached the hospital. By that time, the police had got the information and cordoned off the area.

While describing the incident with bated breath, Sahni said, “I will pray to God for her life. I had never faced this kind of situation in the past. But, it is our moral duty to help the citizens who are in crisis.”

During the investigation, police also interrogated Sahni. “I spent four hours at the police station after the incident,” he said.

He is earning huge accolades from people for his prompt action which saved life of the lady.

Sahni lives at Paharganj area in New Delhi and earns his livelihood by driving auto-rickshaw. He said that he will always help the people in need and will not hesitate for a second in situations such as these.

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