Delhi-NCR: 60 pc high rises at risk due to quakes

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Jul 12, 2019

Earthquakes can cause damage to 60 per cent of high rises in Delhi-NCR.  The entire region of Gurugram falls in high risk seismic zone 4 making it highly vulnerable to earthquakes. Large structures or high rise buildings are more affected over a long period.

Abhay Kumar Shrivastava, the head of  disaster management at Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA) said that high rises are at the risk of collapsing or may suffer a serious damage. Shrivastava futher said that it was a major concern as most of the buildings are over a decade old. 

Over the serious risk Shrivastava has also asked the real estate developers to take proper safety measures into consideration during construction. He blamed the lack of awareness for not adopting the updated technologies. He said, “Not a single building in Gurugram has been audited as far as far as architectural and structural designs are concerned, which is leading to alarming risks.” 
Shrivastava further remarked, “There are no guidelines from concerned agencies over safety norms for buildings like hospitals, high rises and schools.” 

Industry experts say thousands of buildings in USA and Japan use shock-absorbers also known as dampers in the building industry, which help to make them quake resistant. The big question is, why are the builders in Delhi-NCR not using such technology and playing with the life of the residents?

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