Crossing Republik: Residents of Ajnara Gen-X stage protest against developer

Posted: Jul 13, 2019

On Saturday July 13th, residents of Ajnara Gen-X, Crossing Republik, a high rise society in Ghaziabad, staged a protest against the developer over arbitrary hike in maintenance charge.

While protesting, residents said that the developer has not been providing them basic facilities and to top it all he has issued them a letter stating that they are incurring losses. Lotus Management  Pvt Ltd services, who manage the society maintenance further said maintenance services provided would be withdrawn if residents don't comply with the demand of increasing the service charges to Rs 2.25per sqft + GST (as per the government).

Appalled residents then wrote a letter to the managing director of Ajnara India Ltd citing 14 reasons why the charges should not be hiked. In their letter they stated, "We have been facing acute problems since the beginning which we have been highlighting to M/s Ajnara time to time. Some of the reasons cited in the letter are that the fire system is non functional since last year, poor lift system as residents keep getting stuck, alarm buttons/intercoms don’t work, society’s club has equipments but are non functional. Swimming Pool area is not maintained, cracks and structural defects in buildings." 

"Parks have no grass, low quality swings due to which kids playing are often injured,” said one of the residents.

“There is no RWA in our society and we get no information about the audit report of our society’s expenses,” said another irked resident.

Residents claimed that despite paying a handsome amount and receiving poor services, they fail to understand how Lotus Management claims to be incurring losses.

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