Cleanliness issues on rise, wake up call for Noida Authority

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Posted: Jul 13, 2019

Amit Gupta, a resident of Arihant Ambar in sector 1, Noida tweeted videos of drains clogged with water and garbage leading to a threat of mosquitoes and snakes.

Gupta in his tweet to Pankaj Singh, the MLA of Noida, UP CM, Noida authority and government also complained of non-functional street lights and broken roads near his society. 

Another resident said, “Cleanliness outside the society is not taken care of, as a construction site besides their society dumps its construction waste outside and dust produced from that site is polluting the air, which is affecting the health of the residents. He further said, “The builder is not answerable for the waste and litter around the society. It is the responsibility of the authorities to probe into the matter.”

Though there is no response from the concerned authorities. Wonder when will they wake up?

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