Noida: Ajnara Grand Heritage residents demand video door with intercom

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 14, 2019

Residents of Ajnara Grand Heritage, a high-rise society in Sector 74, have now been insisting developer to equip all homes with sophisticated electric system as per the promises made during booking of homes. 
They told that developer had promised buyers that each home will have facility of video door with intercom. “It was also mentioned in the builder buyer agreement. But the developer is now giving only video door facility to each home in the society,” they said. 

The issue was also escalated during the joint meetung of buyers, builders and officers of Noida Authority which was held on June 18. 

A K Verma, deputy manager, group housing cell of the authority, also directed the developer that he will have to deliver what he promised to buyers according to the builder buyer agreement. He directed the developer for installation of video door with intercom within a stipulated period of 15 days. 

The developer was also told to report the authority once it comply with directions. Verma said, “The completion certificate won't be issued to the developer until it fulfills promises in accordance with BBA.”  
Yogesh Kumar, a resident of the society told that as per the BBA, it is mentioned that homes will have facility of video door phone with intercom. 

“But builder has given only video door phone, which is in violation of BBA,” he said.  He posted the matter in society's social media group to garner support from all for mounting pressure on the developer to deliver what was promised to residents.

He said, “Every resident want this facility as per the promise made to them. It will be convenient for all of us as we could see who are visiting our home. It is also good for safety of the residents as unknown visitor would be turned back from the entry gate once we don't recognise them.”
The society has around 1,500 flats and it will take time to equip all houses with the electric security system. Currently, the developer has installed the video door phones at doors of around 30 houses. 

Vivek Singh, president of a temple committee in the society, said, “We are demanding the facility for our safety reason. When a unknown person reaches to the door of a particular resident then what is the benefit of having a electronic security system. We are demanding to connect the video door phone with intercom facility from the entry gates so that if residents do not know the visitors, they may be turned back from there only.”

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