Meet Aman Bathla, the music healer of Gurgaon
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Meet Aman Bathla, the music healer of Gurgaon

The accomplished pianist holds music therapy and meditation sessions, where he plays music to calm the nerves and help people deal with stress.

Meet Aman Bathla, the music healer of Gurgaon As Bathla’s fingers dance on the keyboard, the music that emanates from his piano soothes the nerves of his clients.

The millennium city of Gurgaon has hit upon a new device to take on stress and mental fatigues – a musical instrument. There is a growing demand among the residents of the city for the music to cope with the day-today stress of the hectic life of the commercial hub.

The credit for the latest trend in music therapy goes to one person, Aman Bathla, an accomplished pianist. The 30-year-old music healer is instrumental in propounding and promoting the concept of stress busting through music among the residents. Through music, he calms the nerves and thereby helps people deal with stress.

As Bathla’s fingers dance on the keyboard, the music that emanates from his piano soothes the nerves of his clients. His music therapy has earned him name and fame far and wide. In view of the growing demand for his technique, he has started regular music healing and meditation sessions. Currently, he is conducting these sessions for a summer camp organised by Ambience Mall.

Bathla’s music therapy sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 6.30 pm. Sunday being the concluding day of the session, we decided to catch him in the act. From 15 to 75 years, people of all age groups, could be seen at the healing and meditation sessions.

They are all regular to his sessions as they have immensely benefited from Bathla’s therapy. Some of them credit Aman for setting their minds free from depression.

Acknowledging overwhelming response for his music therapy, the consummate pianist said, “These days, I come across people stressed out due to work related strain or day-today problems in their personal or professional lives. If my music can provide them some solace and ensure little peace for their souls, there can be no better avenue for my musical outlet.”

On being asked what makes him so sure about the healing effects of his music, he quipped, “It is scientifically proved that music does wonders in the growth of fetus in the womb of a mother.”

In fact, he is getting good response from pregnant women. 

Sharing her experience with City Sidey, Kanika Verma, a resident of nearby DLF Phase III, who is expecting her second baby, said, “When the melodious notes of piano relax my nerves, I get a unique feeling of my mind and soul blending with each other. It is, indeed, a spiritual experience.”

The lady has been advised to attend the sessions on a regular basis for better results.

M Subba Rao, an elderly person, said whenever he listen to music, he gets peace of mind. At the age of 65, he gets a very refreshing experience at Aman’s sessions.

Aman Bathla shot to prominence on December 4, 2014 when he played dizzying 804 notes in just one minute, at the Epicentre of Apparel House. His feat earned him the epithet of the fastest pianist of India and also a place in the India Book of Records. In this very outing, he also shattered the record of the then fastest pianist in the world, Bence Peter of Hungary, whose 765 notes in a minute stood nowhere near Bathla’s record 804.

Bathla has a degree in sound engineering and Indian classical music from Mumbai and a degree in Western music from Trinity College, London.