Noida: Aranya residents bear the brunt of power cut due to builder’s negligence

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jul 14, 2019

Residents of Aranya, a partly completed group housing project in Sector 119, bore the brunt for negligence committed by their developer as power supply to the society was cut for almost 72 hours following non-clearance of dues for the month of June. 

Suddenly, they managed to hire a DG set to tackle the crisis. But, they are now reeling under the  
high expenses of taking power from DG set which is now running continuously for three days.

R K Agarwal, a resident of the society told they suffered because of defaulting builder. 

He said, “It was amicably agreed that the cost of total power consumption would be shared equally. But the developer failed to keep the words and due to which power supply to all 50 families and shopkeepers were cut on July 10."

The residents were getting power supply from a temporary connection that the developer obtained for construction site. As the development works are presently going on, electricity is being consumed at the site as well. 

The developer also agreed to share half of the total cost incurred over power supply. But he was not paying and due to which there was outstanding of over Rs 6 lakhs on the builder.

Agarwal said, “We were clearing the bill on time but the builder didn't pay. A cheque of Rs 4 lakh issued by developer in favour of electricity distribution company was bounced. He repeated the mistakes consistently during a period of last four months. It forced the power distribution company to cut the supply.”

Residents moved to the state (UP) real estate regulatory authority seeking relief in the matter. They urged the authority to direct the power distribution company to give separate power supply connection as the developer is not paying the outstanding amount.

The authority took cognizance of the matter. Abrar Ahmed, chairman of RERA, UP, intervened in the matter and issued an order stating the power distribution company should give separate connection for uninterrupted power supply. 

Meanwhile, residents on Saturday also made payment of Rs 2 lakh against the dues for the month June. It was only when, the officials agreed to restore the supply to the society. 

On contacting YK Gupta, Executive Engineer with PVVNL, the company which supplies power to the society, he told that validity of the temporary connection has been exhausted. He said, “Though it is causing inconvenience to common public, the supply of the society restored on humanitarian ground.”

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