Women entrepreneurs selling home made products shine bright in I’puram
Women entrepreneurs selling home made products shine bright in I’puram
Lipika Bhushan
Women entrepreneurs selling home made products shine bright in I’puram
Photo: City Spidey

Women entrepreneurs selling home made products shine bright in I’puram

With the spotlight hovering over startups and their home-made products, many women are taking leap into entrepreneurship across the country. City Spidey talks to such three women from Indirapuram who are making to the headlines with their home-made products.

Roopashree Jena, Blossom Home Made Natural Scented Soaps

The rapidly dropping quality of environment in New Delhi and its nearby regions made Roopashree Jena, a resident of Neeti Khand, to take up the challenge of that resulted in creating ‘herbal and chemical free’ product.

When asked about the inspiration Jena said, “I wanted to stay close to nature, go organic, and use eco-friendly products. In pursuit of finding herbal products for daily use, I came across an excellent formula for herbal soaps.”

Sweta Rai, Salt lamp healer

On the similar lines like Jena, Sweta Rai a certified healer from Ahinsa Khand Society recently launched her products for healing and naturopathy. “Himalayan salt lamp is believe to decrease air pollution, negative ions and electro smog that are generated from electronic devices. It also help people who are suffering from asthma, allergies and other illness, said Rai.

“When you deal with salt lamps, you need to have the knowledge of not only the product but how to use it, when to use it, and the reason why it is being used,” said Rai.

Anshul Gidwani, Bath and Bubbles

Anshul Gidwani is no different from Jena and Rai, as her business is also a result of her hunt for ‘chemical free’ beauty products. When CitySpidey asked about picking up this product and category she said, “cosmetics have become synonymous with chemicals. There is a need to offer genuine products without the harmful chemicals in it.”

‘Purity and Authenticity,’ Gidwani said, as she explained why the home-made product market was growing at a rapid rate.

Targeting customers:

Good friends, social circle, presence on social media and ability to reach out to new groups and people is the key to become a successful entrepreneur. Keeping these mantras in mind, these businesswoman setup exhibition stalls, create awareness about their products and aim for increased customer base.  

“I sell my variety of salts and salt lamps through spreading awareness, and knowledge about it” said Rai. “You should have good connections” she added.

Similarly, word of mouth works for Gidwani. “I use word of mouth to reach my immediate circle, set up exhibition stalls. Instagram is a brilliant way to start with,” she said.

Managing Competition and Costs

Competition and managing costs are two difficult aspects of a small business to maintain. It is a must to ensure that the products are at par with market quality.

Building Trust

A satisfied and trusted customer returns all the time. It is the love of the product that binds the customer and a seller together. That love is usually created with affordable and high-quality products. “For home-made products one of the important factors is customer’s trust.Quality is the key,” said Jena.


With a growing population of townships, every new business idea is finding its consumer base. As a result, more and more women are stepping out of their comfort zones and are using their time and energies by acquiring new skills. Such townships can provide a strong entrepreneurial foothold to such budding businesswomen.