Noida: Many high rise residents plant saplings citing enormous benefits

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 14, 2019

Over a dozen residents, belonging to Supertech Capetown and Ajnara Grand Heritage, high rises in Sector 74, Noida, on Sunday planted a total of 30 saplings in the neighborhood parks. 

The park, besides which these two residential societies are standing, was developed recently for the public in areas. Currently, it lacks greenery. Considering which, residents took out plantation drive to enhance the green cover at the park. 

Shailendra Baranwal, president of Jagruk Nagric Sangathan and a resident of Supertech Capetown told that maximum residents from his society visit the park regularly. We decided to contribute on our part for the environment by planting saplings in the neighborhood park in the sector. 

He said, “Plants give us fresh air which we breathe in. It absorbs carbon dioxide which we expel out from our lungs. It also helps in reducing pollution levels by absorbing particles in the air, which is harmful for human health."

Earlier residents used to go far for a walk in the morning, But they are now comfortable going to these parks. Many of the regular visitors also donated labour for the plantation drive carried out on Sunday. 

They were Anil Singh, J K Jain, Rajesh Kumar, Dinesh Jain, D K Srivastva, Ashok Wahi, Dayashankar Pandey, Kanta Jain, Asha Baranwal, and Khushi Aarni. On the occasion, they pledged that the planted saplings will be handled with care.

Residents especially children of Prateek Wisteria, another residential Society in Sector 77, also planted 70 Neem saplings outside the society. A similar drive was conducted by residents of sector 137. They planted 100 saplings in central Park besides Ajnara Defodills, another residential Society in sector 137.

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