Tree bushes affecting visibility of traffic signals to be removed in Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 14, 2019

Over grown trees covering traffic signals is a common sight in Dwarka. Commuters face a lot of problems in sighting these signals and have been complaining about this for a long time. Now, it seems their problems is going to end in a week’s time as DDA, traffic police, BSES and Dwarka Forum had set a two weeks time to clear it a week ago.

To prune the trees in front of signals and remove hoardings too, DDA horticulture has issued a circular to all the Assistant Directors in Dwarka Zone and asked to do it on urgent basis.

President of Dwarka Forum, Sushil Kumar said, “We are hopeful that this time they would complete the work in time. They said to do it in two weeks time during their survey and now there is one week left. Officially, they have issued a circular in which it was requested from DCP Traffic to make the signals clearly visible. If it does not happen, we will follow-up and get it done.”

Apart from over grown trees, streetlight poles with hoardings also affect the visibility of signals at major crossings and intersections in the area.  

On Saturday evening, two cars almost had a collision at the signal of Sector 3/4/12/13. An onlooker, Seema Singh, a resident of Sector 12 said, “The car driver  was coming from Ashirwad Chowk on road number 202 and got confused about the signal as he could not see it as it was completely hidden from that side.”

The hidden traffic signals can be spotted at Sector 13/14 Chowk, MRV Chowk, Sector 3/4/12/13 Chowk, Sector 22, Sector 4/12 Chowk, KM Chowk etc. 

A resident of Sector 3, Rakesh Ranjan said, “The signal at Sector 3/4/12/13 Chowk and 12/4 Chowk near Dwarka International School is dangerous as the road is one of the busiest roads. Somehow one could see a red signal but green is not visible and that is dangerous. At Sector 12/13/3/4 Chowk, the one side signals are completely invisible.”

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