GreNo West: Green Arch residents allege cloning of cards at nearby ATM

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Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 15, 2019

The residents of Green Arch, a high rise in Greater Noida West, are in fear to withdraw cash from an ATM installed just outside the society. People have been alleging about cloning of their debit cards while they were using it at the ATM.

On Saturday, Rs 5,000 was withdrawn fraudulently from a resident's account who had used his card at this ATM.

Residents are complaining that police are not taking action despite making several complaints with them. They have now raised the matter with the bank's officials. 

A resident of the society, Ayush Agarwal said, “I had withdrawn money from this ATM on April 6. Just a day after, Rs 5,000 was withdrawn from my account at Rohtak. Despite making complaints, there was no recovery of money. Now, I fear to use this ATM again.”

Residents alleged that local police are not taking any action. “I approached local police to lodge an FIR, however, I was sent back by the police saying to approach the bank . Problem is that when I went to the bank , they would ask for an FIR copy. We are moving pillar to the post to get our complaint registered,” Agarwal added.

People informed that this ATM was installed four months back. They were happy to get an ATM near to the society. 

But they are now very circumspect to use the ATM following several cases of fraudulent activities. Residents complained that there are no guards deployed at the ATM 

People said that many frauds are active around this ATM. They alleged that the frauds do cloning of the cards and later withdraw money from the account.

Naval Singh, another resident of the society said, "It has been a serious trouble for us that even complaints are not being registered by the police. As far as I know, more than 10 people have faced this situation in last few months.”

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