Faulty sprinklers cause damage worth thousands in GreNo

Posted: Jul 16, 2019

A family living in Palm Olympia was shocked today, after they found that the device which was meant to protect their house had damaged all their essentials.

Harish Chandra and his family had left for their hometown on Friday and returned on the fourth day Tuesday to find out that their water sprinkler had burst and water was pouring out of it, damaging all the furniture, walls and other electronic items.

Harish Chandra, owner of the flat number 37 of tower 06, told City Spidey that the flat was filled with water on their arrival.

“I noticed that water sprinkler had burst and water was continuously pouring out of it. The damage is massive as the water has spoiled my things like, my laptop, watch and many other items. All the products are nonfunctional now. I was suppose to report to my office today, but I could not do it because of this mess,” Chandra said.

Soon Chandra rushed to the maintenance department and reported the incident. “Immediately the employees stopped the water supply. However, they were not aware of the situation. The water has damaged all the walls and the management has promised me that they will repaint them. Let see what support I receive as it is going to cost me a lot of money,” he added.

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