GMDA sets deadline for installing online analyzer at STPs of societies

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 17, 2019

An August 31 deadline is set by the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) for residential and commercial buildings in sectors 58-115 to install an online analyzer at privately developed sewage treatment plants (STPs).

The deadline was set during a seminar which happened at Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA).

The online analyzer is a GPS-enabled device which is used to monitor generation, treatment and use of sewage in privately developed societies. It is monitored by the GMDA’s control and command center.

The GMDA currently doesn’t have any knowledge of whether these STPs in private societies work properly or if they dispose untreated sewage into the city’s drains. This is a major concern for the GMDA and the National Green Tribunal (NGT), which is monitoring the disposal of sewage in the city.

Lalit Arora , the Chief Engineer of GMDA said, “An online analyzer needs to be installed to monitor the sewage generation, treatment and use of private STPs on a daily basis. We will monitor these private STPs through these devices at our command and control center.”

The officials of GMDA said that strict action will be taken against the defaulters under the Environment Protection Act. Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) will begin regular inspection of the STPs in September to prepare a report. A 50 per cent rebate on the sewerage charges will also be offered as an incentive.

Sectors 58-115 have 366 privately developed STPs. “This is a good initiative and we will definitely follow the instructions of GMDA,” said the representative of Brisk Lumbini, a privately developed residential society in sector 109.

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