Noida to get ‘pink toilets’ dedicated to women

Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: Jul 18, 2019

The Noida Industrial Development Authority is planning to construct ‘pink toilets’ at public places for women, with facilities of sanitary napkins and other amenities.

Authority’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Ritu Maheshwari, ordered the construction of four toilets on Wednesday. However, their locations were not decided yet.

These special toilets will be equipped with vending machines for sanitary napkins and a mechanism for their disposal. Apart from that, a special section will also be dedicated to breastfeeding newborns.

Women across the city have lauded the authority’s initiative as it will provide much-needed freedom to them. Rita Singh, who works as a software engineer at a private firm said, “such equipped toilets will make their traveling more convenient.”

Presently, most of the public toilets, be it for women or men, lack appropriate levels of cleanliness and hygiene. If not maintained properly, ‘pink toilets’ also may end up like other normal public toilets of the city.

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