Chain snatching reported in Dwarka Sector 23

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 19, 2019

Incident of chain snatching returned to haunt residents of Dwarka Sector 23 after a scooty borne man snatched chain of a woman walking along the roadside.

The incident occurred outside the Shaman Vihar Apartment around 7.55 am. The victim was returning home after dropping her kid to a nearby school. She was accompanied by two other women.

The victim is identified as the daughter of ANHLGT (Association of Neighborhood Ladies Get Together) Vice President, Laxmi Natrajan.

Natrajan narrated the incident to City Spidey saying, "She (the victim) and the other two women were coming back after dropping their children. They were just walking along the road when a scooty borne rider passed by and snatched her chain. We have checked the footage of two CCTVs of Shaman Apartments. The incident is clearly visible in the footage. The person came from the market area, took a U-turn near Chopra Apartment and was waiting outside Shaman for nearly a minute. It seemed as if he was waiting for her to snatch the chain. He immediately started the scooter and snatched her chain."

An FIR has been registered and investigation has begun. ACP Dwarka Rajender Singh said, "It is a serious subject and the investigation has already been initiated.

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