Noida: Deputy Registrar serves notice to Prateek Fedora Association

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 20, 2019

Deputy registrar for society, Meerut served a notice to Prateek Fedora Apartments Welfare Association over delay in conducting timely management board elections.

It severed a notice following a complaint made by four residents, namely Amitabh Srivastva, Gopal Chaudhary, Pammi Barhwal, Dr Yashpal Bundela. These complainants informed the authority that the welfare association was due on April 2019. But the election is delayed by two months and it will be conducted in June, 2019.

They argued before the deputy registrar that the election was not conducted on time and the tenure of elected management board lapsed in April, therefore they would request the competent authority to conduct the election under its supervision.

Considering the above complaints, the deputy registrar told Prateek Fedora Apartments Owner Association to produce the proof before him over their complaint. They were told to comply within a given period of 15 days. The association was also warned that failing to comply with the said order, the authority would initiate action according to Society Registration 1860.

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