Raj Nagar Extension: Pot holed, dark road irks Charms Castle Society residents

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 20, 2019

Over one kilometer of stretch of a link road from main road of Raj Nagar Extension to Sanwan Heights square is in a dilapidated state. Pot holes on the road, fill up during the rains making the route dangerous for the motorists and two wheelers. 

The major sufferers are residents of Charms Castle Society. Even though, the road caters to three other societies, only Charms Castle uses the road as its prime mobility route.

"Charms Castle is the only society which has its front gate situated on the road. While the back gate of other societies such as Gaur Cascades, KW Srishti and Greenview Heights falls on that road," said Bhuri Singh, a resident of Charms Castle.

The residents, specially the children face extreme difficulties as school buses take extra time to travel or sometimes, refuse to come inside due to the pathetic condition of the road. “Its difficult to even stand on the main gate while waiting for the bus,” said a 10 year old child Raman Kumar Singh.

"Besides, the road does not have a single street light in function. The whole stretch gets dark after sunset. This situation is alarming. Female residents avoid taking the route after the dark. Even men have to stay cautious while driving as miscreants can cause harm taking the advantage of the darkness,” said Sunil Singh, a resident of the society.

City Spidey got in touch with Arun Kumar Saxena, Executive Engineer (Civil) regarding the dilapidated state of the road. Surprisingly, Saxena sounded ignorant of the fact that whether Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) is responsible for development of the stretch or private builders. “I have no idea about it. Speak to an assistant or junior engineer in this regard,” Saxena remarked.

However, when City Spidey reached out to VK Singh, OSD and incharge of Zone 1, he said that development of internal roads comes under purview of the authority. Singh assured that the authority will look into the matter.

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