RESIDENT SPEAK: ‘Service lane becomes nuisance in Dwarka’

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 21, 2019

Service Lane running between plot 1 to 6 of Sector-7, which is supposed to be a gateway to Dwarka, while coming from Palam flyover, is in a pathetic condition. 

The reason which I understand for this condition, is that this is not only a gateway for motorists but also for the infrastructure people - BSES, Metro, DJB etc. They come now and then, carry out the digging and leave after the patch work. It is almost routine for them, they come one after the other, without any co-ordination.
We have been in touch with MLA, Councillor, MP of the area in addition to DDA but it boils down to a blame game. We get back excuses like, this is not under our jurisdiction, or we will look into the matter and we will try to get it done etc.
The sufferers are the ones who live in this area. Also, Dwarka sub city is being given a bad name.

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