Noida: School bus drivers refuse to ply on Sector 75 damaged route

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 21, 2019

Residents of Sector 75, a densely populated residential area in Noida, are extremely worried. They complained that drivers of school buses have refused to ply their vehicles on this 700-meter-long route leading to the sector's internal road from the main road of the areas. 

The road is in bad shape since long time and little rains escalate the problem for the parents of school going children and office goers, who are residing in Golf avenue, a group housing project in Sector 75. 
Vishnu Gupta, a parent of school child said, “They have to take their children to the main road for picking and dropping them in school buses.” He also said, "Buses on this route are not safe for the children on-board. Drivers of school buses have told all parents, that they lose balance as the tyres of the buses skid on this broken road.”

This is a short route for residents of societies in the sector. But it is badly broken, there are potholes that are filled with rainwater. Muck is spreading on the route forcing residents to travel extra miles to reach their home. 

K V Singh, another resident said that he stopped taking this route soon after it rained early this week. He said, "We enter or go out of the society via Sector 76 road, which is too long." 

A group of residents lodged a complaint with Noida Industrial Development Authority around 15 days ago. They urged the officials to repair the road. But an action is yet to be taken. 

Mukesh Chaudhary, another commuter also lodged a complaint on Saturday with the authority through twitter. He tweeted that a water body is being developed at Sector 75 in Noida. Thanks to Spectrum mall...no action either by Noida Authority or builder. 

When City Spidey got in touch with MK Vaishya, Senior Manager Noida Industrial Development Authority, he assured that an action will be taken shortly. He said that he was aware of the issue. He further added, “The road will be levelled shortly. It cannot be repaired during the rainy season, but the potholes will certainly be levelled with metals and dust."

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