Indirapuram: Aditya Mega City welcomes new members to RWA board

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Posted: Jul 21, 2019

Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of Aditya Mega City on Sunday welcomed three new members to the board after making three old members retire in an election happened on Wednesday.

The three new members got elected to the board uncontested as only three nominations were filed against three positions in the RWA board. 

Speaking on the vision of the new board, Munish Jain, member in the new board and president of the last board said that the focus of the new board would be on three aspects – water conservation, waste management and alternate power.

We would reinstate rainwater harvesting systems in our society to conserve water. For waste management, we are in talks with an agency to manage our waste.

“We would start segregating waste at source. Then the agency will take away wet waste and turn it into compost. The compost will then be handed over to us and we would use it in our horticulture,” Jain explained.

On the focus towards alternate power arrangement, Jain said that the board is planning to install a solar power system to run electricity needs of common area.

“If our experiment goes successful, the power of common area for running street lights, lifts etc will be supplied through solar plant,” Jain further explained.

Meanwhile, the posts of the members will be decided in an upcoming meeting.

Here are names of the board members -

New Members

Apoorva Paliwal
Pramod kumar Jain
Apoorva Agrawal

Old Members

Munish Jain 
Shiv Kumar Sharma
Amrit Lal
Vishwa Ratna Sharma
CB Pandey
Nirmesh Jain
Priyanka Rana

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