Braving brutal attack, OP Yadav comes out victorious in FONRWA election

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 22, 2019

His assailants attempted a brutal attack intending to eliminate him just three days ahead of the Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (FONRWA) election. But when the office bearers from across residential sectors in Noida announced the verdict, OP Yadav emerged victorious, leaving his rivals far behind on Sunday.

Voters gave him a thumping victory by casting a total of 116 ballots in his favour. They voted his rivals out, who did not even crossed hundred-mark. He was elected for the position of senior vice president of the federation.     

Yadav, who is under treatment at a private hospital, where he is gradually recovering from serious injuries, was brought to the polling station at community centre, Sector 52, for exercising his right. After casting his vote, he returned to the hospital.

After the returning officers declared the result, Yoginder Sharma, who was elected as president of the federation, went to apprise him that he has won the elections. Yadav acknowledged it with smile. 

Sharma said, “He is recovering. I had little discussion with him about the future roadmap which they are going to follow for the betterment of residential sectors and its people.”

The panel, which fought against the Yoginder panel, accepted the defeat in the election. “We accept the verdict of all voters,” said Sanjeev Kumar, who was elected for the post of vice president. He informed that the oath ceremony of newly elected office bearers will take place on the coming Sunday. 

The polls started in at 9 am in the morning and continued till 2 pm. The turnout was overwhelming as out of 208 votes in totality, 204 ballots, were cast during the poll. Police personnel were deployed for peaceful conduct of the election. Sharma said, “We would shortly take over charge from my predecessor to begin working for welfare of residents in the city.”

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