RESIDENT SPEAK: Dead trees in Dwarka spread termite infection

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 22, 2019

In Dwarka trees die, but they are never get removed. Dead trees remain at there places erect in the soil for many months, and during the monsoon it becomes a breeding place for termites. This pest spreads and kills other healthy trees.

Government agencies and NGOs stress on tree plantation only but they don’t take the termite issue seriously. For the safety of the green trees proper and safe disposal of all dead trees is required at earliest. I would like to request DDA (Delhi Development Authority) and SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation) to give proper attention to this subject.

Termite affected Sheesham trees are prevalent in large in numbers in Dwarka. This leads to killing of many full grown trees every year. 
Not only Sheesham trees, but other dead trees have also been there for long time.

Warm, humid conditions conditions work as an optimum environment for pest development. Dead trees provide a favourable conditions. 

Humans act as a carrier in spreading termites. Thus, Dwarka houses are attacked by this pest in large numbers. 

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