Shipra Suncity: Controversial board restricting entry of dogs in park removed

Posted: Jul 23, 2019

The Apartment Owners Association (AOA) of Shipra Suncity, a housing society in Indirapuram, has taken back its arbitrary order of restricting entry of dogs inside the central park of the society. The move has come after a dog lover complained about it to People For Animals (PFA), a nodal body appointed to look after stray animals in Ghaziabad.

Sumedha Iyer, president of PFA, had questioned the decision of AOA. In response, the AOA had given assurance of removing the board which had instructions to restrict entry of dogs in the park. 

Last week, the AOA had placed a board outside the park stating that dogs are not allowed to roam inside the park premises. 

“It is requested that walking and littering by the dogs inside the park are strictly prohibited,” the board read.

The AOA officials had earlier stated that the decision was taken after considering the rising incidents of attacks by dogs inside the park and the reactions of residents over such incidents.

“We went by the sentiments of the residents without taking any legal consultation. Since it came to our knowledge that it was unlawful to restrict entry of  dogs in society parks, we have removed it till the time we understand the technicalities of the issue completely,” said Anurag Ranjan, media coordinator of the AOA.

City Spidey had also highlighted this matter with a report stating the orders of the AOA. Meanwhile, the complainant advised AOA to stay away from moral policing. 

“AOAs should not indulge in moral policing because there is more than what meets an eye. Such incidents come under jurisdiction of police and municipal corporations and it is best to leave such matter in the hands of these authorities,” said the woman, who had complained against AOA's direction to PFA.

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