Noida: Authority orders Supertech Capetown developer to get new water connection

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jul 24, 2019

Noida development authority recently directed developer of Supertech Capetown, a rise residential society in Sector 74, to get water connection for all the flats of the society.

Authority's direction came days after a group of residents, including members from AoA of the society, complained that out of 4000 flats only 535 has drinking water connection. Due to the lack of a proper water connection, these residents are forced to use hard water, which is harmful to their health.

The complaint was heard in the joint meeting of the builder, buyers and officers from the Noida Development Authority, which was held last month. The meeting was chaired by then ACEO, IV Singh, who directed officials to take appropriate action to solve the problem.

Following the direction, Senior Manager of Noida Development Authority, MK Jain, instructed Managing Director of the reality company, RK Arora, to apply for new water connections.

He said, "The developer has been directed to obtain water connection for remaining flats that are being supplied with hard water. The developer was warned that he will have to comply with the directions laid, failing to which the authority will initiate strict action."

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