Flat Owners Federation of Ghaziabad seeks ban on construction of high rises

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 25, 2019

Flat Owners Federation of Ghaziabad has demanded a ban on construction of high-rise buildings for next five years in the city. The demand has come after citing decreasing forest area in the city and rising levels of pollution.

In a General Body Meeting held on Monday, the federation tabled this demand in front of its members.

“We are demanding a ban on construction because trees are being cut to make way for the high rise buildings,” said TP Tyagi the president of Flat Owners Federation.

Tyagi also gave a reason behind this demand. “Local administration, development authority, municipal corporation and several NGOs are doing regular plantation to increase the tree cover in the city, yet, their efforts are failing to fetch results,” he said.

Tyagi also suspected the administration's data showing large number of plantations.  “In 2017, around 30,000 trees were said to be planted near Hindon River in presence of Meerut Commissioner in just one day. Currently, only 26 sq kms of forest area remains in Ghaziabad as per satellite mapping whereas four years ago, this was 49 sq kms,” Tyagi said.

“It means that either trees have not been planted or else government claims are wrong,” he remarked.

Tyagi went on saying that increase in high rises have decreased the forest cover and badly affected the ecosystem and environment.

He added, “Concrete jungles are increasing and real jungles are decreasing. The decrease in tree cover is affecting the monsoon and the overuse of groundwater is making it scary. As a result, the groundwater is on a verge of extinction and air pollution is at an all-time high in the city.”

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