Ghaziabad-based doctor fined for sharing visiting card with GMC commissioner

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Jul 25, 2019

Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra is known for his steadfast approach and unwavering attitude. Its glimpses was seen on Thursday when he fined a Ghaziabad-based doctor who offered him a visiting card made of plastic. The Commissioner accepted the card but fined Rs 500 for this offence.

The doctor, Manoj Goswami had come to raise an issue of illegal ramp near his home. Chandra's staffs informed that after entering the office, Goswami introduced himself and offered his visiting card after exchanging pleasantries.

That is when, Chandra told Goswami that he will have to fine him for doing this. Perplexed Goswami asked why? Chandra told him that he should be knowing that use of plastic is prohibited in Ghaziabad and that is why, he will have to impose fine for committing this offence. Embarrassed Goswami paid the fine and then their meeting resumed.

Goswami had came to inform the Municipal Commissioner that he will break the ramp built outside his house by himself. 

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) had started a campaign to break the illegal ramps made by independent houses in the city. The corporation, through public announcement, is informing the residents to break their illegally built ramps by themselves otherwise corporation will take action against it.

Use of plastic is prohibited in Uttar Pradesh and could attract fine ranging between Rs 100 to 50,000. In 2016, the use of plastic measuring below 50 microns was prohibited which extended to all kinds of plastic and its carry bags including thermocol products from October 2018.

Since the day, Chandra has joined GMC as Municipal Commissioner, he is spearheading a campaign to discourage the public from using plastic. 

On Wednesday, during an inspection at Kanwar camps, he urged Kanwariyas not to use plastic and thermocol items such as cups, plates, spoons, bottles etc. He ensured that the food and water will be provided to them in steel utensils.

Last month, he had fined a sweets shop owner when he offered him a packet of sweets wrapped in a plastic cover.

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