Dwarka: Heaps of silt dumped across footpaths affect pedestrians big way

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 25, 2019

Residents, belonging to various sectors and societies in Dwarka, are demanding from civic bodies to remove the silt dumped on the footpaths after cleaning of the drain.

One could see such heaps of silt across the city. The situation has worsened with the rain as silt has now begun to scatter on the road causing fouls smell and slippery surface.

Treasurer of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Ashirvad Apartments, Sector 12, P Menon has raised the matter to the concerned civic agency but still the silt is there in front of his society on footpath. 

“This is a complete negligence of DDA. It should have been removed before rainy season. This has created a filthy atmosphere in the area,” he added.
Residents said that the monsoon preparation works should have been carried before rainy season. They also informed that cleaning of drains are still going on in the area.

SK Sharma, a resident of Sector 10 said, “Looking at the approach, one could say that DDA is callous. They are cleaning the drains even today. What did they do in April, May and June? Why they carry work like this every year? Now the entire city is looking filthy after rain.”

Dumping of silt can also be seen on main roads too. It has made the surface very slippery. One could see such huge heaps of silt on the master plan road 201 towards Dwarka Mor.

On the subject, one of the officials from DDA informed on condition of anonymity that silt could not be lifted in wet state condition. He also said that lifting started recently and at many places the silts were cleared.

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