Herd of stray dogs leave kid bleeding at Amrapali Princely Estate, Noida

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 25, 2019

Kavya Singh, a two-and-half year old baby, residing at Amrapali Princely Estate was badly injured by dogs on Thursday. A herd of stray dogs attacked her and bit her several times while she was playing. They left her bleeding.

On seeing dogs biting the kid, residents came forward to rescue her from the herd and rushed her to a paediatrician where she was injected with anti-rabies injections.

The incident caused anxiety among all other residents, who are now blaming and holding responsible, a group of residents for feeding stray animals within the society compound.

A resident, on the condition of anonymity, said that there are a handful of so-called animal lovers, who reside especially on the ground floor of few residential towers in the society. They are feeding stray dogs, which attack the kids.

He remarked, "Though, we are not against feeding stray animals but at the same time we won't tolerate such type of attacks on kids. If they love feeding stray animals, they may do it outside the society compound, which will be safe for residents as well as their kids."

He also said that it is being planned to impose a hefty fine on those residents who are found feeding stray dogs in the society. He said this step is being taken for the safety of kids and residents.

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