Gurugram: DLF-1 roads in complete mess due to innumerable potholes

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 26, 2019

Commuting on the DLF-1 roads has become a tough task for the motorists and pedestrians because of innumerable potholes on it. The residents brought to the fore that situation has worsened in the rainy season. 

They said that roads in block A, D, F, G, H have developed several cracks and potholes of late.

VK Trehan, executive member, DLF RWA said, “The condition of the roads is very bad. There was no repair works on the roads in decades. Most of the potholes are in the middle of the road making it difficult for the commuter to have a smooth ride.” 

“Due to recent heavy downpour, these potholes have also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes posing a grave danger to the health of the residents,” he added.

The residents said that the situation has become especially difficult for the two-wheeler riders as maneuvering through the roads without getting hurt is a big task.

Druv Bansal, spokesperson, DLF RWA said, “There was an incident which happened a few weeks back where a senior citizen fell on the road and suffered injuries. It has become a nightmare for the residents to commute on these roads.”

They alleged that despite making several complaints to the developer to resurface the roads, nothing has been done so far. "DLF failed to manage the maintenance of the colony. They should complete all their infrastructure deficiency early and transfer it to MCG for basic services,” Bansal said. 

“We have also requested the government to pass the Plotted Area Act that we have formulated like the Condominium Act for the Non-Basic services so that same can be managed by the RWAs properly instead of the pathetic conditions and mismanagement in which residents are living under.” Bansal added.

When CitySpidey contacted Sekar Basu, maintenance director DLF, he said, “We have already initiated the recarpeting of the roads but work has been stopped due to rain. We will soon initiate the recarpeting of the other roads.”

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