Noida: Princely Estate residents miffed over attack on 2.5 year old by strays

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 27, 2019

A 2.5 year-old was attacked and injured by a herd of stray dogs on Thursday evening in Amrapali Princely Estate in sector 76, Noida. As per the residents a 50-year-old lady used to feed these stray dogs and this led to their entry in large numbers in the society. 

On further investigation, it was found that 8 people in the society have already been bitten by the stray dogs in the last 3 months. On Friday, the father of the victim along with other members of the society appealed to the lady to make sure that the dogs do not enter the society, but she disagreed.

Inspite of requests, the woman was adamant. She also threatened to complain to Maneka Gandhi, member of Lok Sabha taking into consideration the rules made for animals. The woman even called the police to defend herself.

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