Dwarka: Commuters find tough to negotiate broken surface near two signals

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 28, 2019

The broken surface of roads near two busy signals have become very dangerous for commuters in Dwarka. The signals, at Sector 3/13 and 4/12, have become worse after the rain. 

People said that these damaged spots have been in the same condition for more than three years. In every rainy season or after that, the damaged portions are filled which again get damaged in couple of months and the problem persists. 

One such area is around the signal of Sector 4/12 near Dwarka International School where at one side the upper layer of the road is uprooted. The other two sides the road near the signal is also badly damaged.

Sarita Bora, a resident of Sector 4 said, “There is a need for re-carpeting and not filling of potholes. The stretch from the signal towards Ashirwad Chowk is dangerous as the surface is completely broken.”

At the signal of Sector 3/13, the entrance of the approach road towards Sector 3 and 13 are in such a condition that vehicles find it difficult to cross from there. 

Rajneet Kaur, a resident of Sector 3 said, “I have been watching this for last two years. This damaged portion was never properly repaired. They fill the potholes with debris or put concrete cement just to give a temporary relief. But this is only a formality.”

On the subject, one of the DDA officials said on condition of anonymity that in the rainy season they could only fill the potholes and temporarily repair the damaged surface. “After the monsoon, the particular spots would be properly repaired,” he said.

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