World Hepatitis Day: Awareness events organised in Dwarka

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 28, 2019

People of Dwarka were made aware of Hepatitis disease in two community events organised today.  Tourism Plus Foundation organised a Health Talk Show at Manipal Hospital, covering all aspects of Hepatitis, including prevention, precaution, curative steps to be taken. Dr. Lovekesh Anand and Dr. Sufla Saxena, Gastroenterologists, spoke at a length on the subject and replied to queries of every participant.
The Hospital provided special offer on investigation and free vaccination for Hepatitis and large number of participants availed the services.

Vijay Wadhwa, president of Tourism Plus Foundation said that the information about such diseases must be spread for awareness in the community. “Precautions are very important for such type of diseases. It is our responsibility to make people aware so that these diseases could stop spreading. We will be doing more such awareness events for the community.”

On the other hand, a health talk on lever and gastro diseases was organised at Venkateshwer Hospital, by Capt R K Aggarwal a social worker from Dwarka, in association with the hospital. About 50 people attended this programme and benefitted from the information about the problems created by such diseases.

People interacted with Dr. Vikas Mittal on the topic and shared their experiences too. They also queried the doctor and got to know more about the problems of health due to such type of ailments. Captain RK Agrawal said, “We shall continue our association with the hospital” He was even keen arrange more such talks in the future.

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