Indirapuram: Flavour of elections in Saya Zenith infused with snacks and tea

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 28, 2019

The atmosphere and the aura inside the premises is tense and humid. It’s not just the rains, but election time in Saya Zenith, Indirapuram.

Saya is among one of the few premium societies in Indirapuram and elections here are practiced in full flavour and style. Door to door campaigning and back door strategies were on till late night yesterday and live feed of these back-door discussions kept on popping up on the mobile screens though the sermons of whatsapp warriors. Night passed somehow and few of us like me took good night sleep.

Morning walks were as tense and full of gossip as were the dinner tables last night. Finally, the voting began at 9 am calming the air a bit.

Gradually the chairs and tents set to accommodate the contestants and their teams started getting the crowd. Some were requesting the vote for unity, and some for the work they have done in the past. Smiles, giggle and whispers what not in the air today.

The most crowded and lively spot is the corner set with aromatic tea, Mathri and Samosa. And it’s futile to say why? Everyone is on a chai pe charcha, while gulping down the spicy snack and hot tea in tense and rainy atmosphere.

While every camp is trying to set a rapo with the voter who’s reaching the center to vote, the voter is sharp enough this time to come in pairs, one to engage the contesting groups while the actual voter slips easily to vote almost avoiding almost everyone or someone. Candidates are all there with their own slips of names.

Saya is brewing with a change. Change of old ideologies, change of regime, change of work, change in the atmosphere that’s getting full of animosity towards each other.

Saya arcade witnessed almost 90 per cent voting today, 177 votes were casted, and 20 candidates stood in elections.

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