Sewer overflow at markets very common in Dwarka
Sewer overflow at markets very common in Dwarka
Akhilesh Pandey
Sewer overflow at markets very common in Dwarka
Photo: CitySpidey
Sewer overflow at markets very common in Dwarka

Overflow of sewer water is a common sight these days in the markets of Sector 4 and Sector 12 around Ashirvad Chowk in Dwarka. Residents living near to the markets and the visitors said that problem started cropping up after the rains.

They also said that the problem quite often persists in market premises. It is sometimes resolved with temporary arrangements by the market people.

A social worker and former general secretary of RWA of Dwarkadheesh Apartments, Anjana Sinha said, “You can see overflowing sewer water in the market adjacent to our society. The situation is filthy. When you reach the entrance of the society, you would be welcomed by sewer water. Couple of days back, the condition was pathetic. Civic bodies should ensure good sanitation in the markets.”

The story is similar in the market of Sector 4. The whole premise, from both the ends, has been suffering due to sewer overflow. Market's people said that the problem has persisted here for a long time. 

Sanjay Singh, a resident of Harmony Apartments in Sector 4 said, “Both the sewer system and garbage management system are paralysed in this market. Neither the sewer lines are cleaned nor the garbage are lifted properly. Concerned civic agencies should be a bit serious especially in rainy season.”

People blamed the eateries and also the lackadaisical approach of the civic bodies.

A member of RWA of Dwarka Kunj Apartments, RK Singh said, “The sewer pipelines are never cleaned. They have been in the same state since their installation. Also the footfall in the markets has increased. Apart from that, the eateries in the area continuously put the wastage in the sewer system. So, there are many things which are responsible for overflow. In rainy season, the problem becomes very common.”

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