Plantation activities galore this monsoon in Dwarka
Plantation activities galore this monsoon in Dwarka
Akhilesh Pandey
Plantation activities galore this monsoon in Dwarka
Photo: CitySpidey

Plantation activities galore this monsoon in Dwarka

A lot of plantation activities have been witnessed in the ongoing monsoon in Dwarka. One thing which is common in these plantations is that the community and authorities are doing plantation of local species, the plants with environmental values, medicinal values and also the plants which give fruits.

In sector 19, community people planted 200 Neem trees  in a plantation programme with DDA Horticulture Departments.

This weekend, a community plantation was organised  by DDA in which plants with environmental values and plants of fruits were planted majorly. 

On Tuesday, in a plantation drive organised by DDA at Sector 14 park, plants of fruits and medicinal values were planted by the children of Pragati Public School, St Thomas School and Masoom Duniya, a school of special children.

According to DDA, mainly the plants like Neem, Peepal, Banyan, Jamun etc are being planted. 

In a talk with City Spidey, Deputy Director of Horticulture, DDA, Dwarka Jameel Ahmad said that DDA was more focused on local plants as their survival rate was good and the environmental value was maximum. 

“Trees like Jamun and other fruits would attract birds and this would enhance the ecological balance. On the other hand, trees like Neem and Peepal etc are very good air filter and they would clean the environment and remove the pollution,” said Ahmad. 

“As these species are local, they are resistant from adverse climatic condition and the pests. In the whole monsoon, we will be carrying such type of plantation to help and support the ecology and so the environment,” said Ahmad.

“Unlike the plantation of ornamental plants every year, we are focussing on plants wuth environmental and medicinal values this year,” he added.

Yesterday a plantation was carried by the RWA of Gangotri Apartments in Sector 12 where RWA members and other residents planted saplings of Mango, Jamun, Neem etc. 

President of RWA, Umesh Kala said, “We planted about 50 trees and also we adopted them. All the trees were of fruits and environmental values. We appealed to the residents to adopt those trees. Now this would be a culture to promote in our society.”