Vigilant residents patrol after dark, aims for safer Dwarka

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 31, 2019

Dwarka residents have found a way to keep their area free from miscreants and other negative elements. Indu Garg, is one such person who patrols the area of sector 22 and 23.

Garg, who is a lawyer by profession, has been holding such patrols after dark. She does it after returning from work in the presence of her family members or local beat officers. Her aim is to motivate others to hold such patrols and stay vigilant.

"It feel that this is our responsibility. I enjoy it and try to get more people in it. This is a part of community policing and so far it has been a successful concept," Garg said.

People like Garg are helping police in keeping a check on criminal activities in the area. By keeping them informed about the presence of negative elements in the Dwarka region.

Garg is not the only one who is keeping a vigil of the area, Dr. Kishore Repswal, a Consultant Neurologist, patrols dark areas of the sector 12. Like Garg, Repswal also holds his patrols with beat cops or friends.

"I don't just inform the police, but keep the civic bodies updated, so that they are able to improve dark areas or less visited areas, and equip them with proper infrastructure. We want the community policing and self-policing a successful concept. Here in Dwarka, it is successful and the results are remarkable," said Repswal.

Both the residents are active on their community groups, and keep others updated on any incident. Similarly, Pankaj Sharma from sector 9 said, "If I keep a vigil in the surroundings, then I would be able to give real feedback. If I roam with police officials, they would also know the area apart from the society premises. This initiative is effective and now people are coming forward to support," he said.

People doing such activities for security and safety for others shared that due to such patrols many dark spots were lit properly, and the practice of consumption of liquor in open also dropped drastically. 

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