Resident speak: Pothole on sector 9 road Dwarka, a major concern

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 01, 2019

A large number of accidents, injuries and in some cases deaths are recorded due to potholes and uncovered manholes.

Similarly, a massive pothole on the main road of Sector 9, Dwarka, is the reason for concern. If you are planning to take the footpath then beware, as you might just land into an open manhole or in the caved-in footpath. There is a possibility that this situation already existed and I did not notice it before. However, it is highly unlikely that all three, the pothole, caved in the footpath and the manhole appeared on the same day.

If the commuters, especially the vehicle-borne riders, do not take note of the pothole they may suffer from some fatal injuries because of it.

I have tried my level best to make Dwarka residents aware by sharing the photographs in various resident WhatsApp groups. However, my efforts will not count until the authorities take action on the issue.

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